summer 2005 - establishment of "soulmates"

       summer 2005 - establishment of "soulmates"

What is Çavalove?
Çava is French for "how's it going?"  / "how are you?".
When we finally decided on this name for our title, we wanted to include a bit of wordplay. "CA" is the abbreviation for California and "VA" the abbreviation for Virginia. In parallel, we wanted this name to reflect a greeting to one another, "how are you, love?" Çavalove, is our way of reaching out to each other as well as to all of you.   

Who are we? What is this?
We are two friends who decided to start a lifestyle blog to share each of our adventures- as new moms balancing faith, family, work, and well… life. This idea first started as means to keep in touch with each other. Our hope is that through this medium we can also reach out to our readers and let them know that they're not alone in this journey; that we can relate not just to each other but to you as well. 

Here's some background information about our friendship!

  • We met in 7th grade at Robert Frost Middle School in Fairfax, VA.  
  • Although we met in the 7th grade, we didn't really become friends until our senior year in high school, when we constantly liked and gave each other "e-props" on Xanga posts. Since our senior year summer, we've been pretty inseparable. 
  • Mid college, Julie moved (back) to southern California but our friendship persevered the miles and miles apart and if anything, brought us even closer. 
  • Now, as married women to our wonderful husbands, each with a paw-child and child(ren),  Jessica lives in Northern Virginia and Julie lives in Southern California. 


Mama to River, my hilarious and tomboy-esque daughter, as well as Murphy, my sweet and needy Goldendoodle.  I've been married to my patient and loving husband, Raymond for almost 3 years. Avid Murphy walker by dawn/dusk and Management Consultant by day.  I hope that through çavalove, I can discover more about myself as well as share with others my love for all things beautiful.



Wife to the most selfless and giving husband, Han and mommy to Halie, who is sassy yet affectionate, and lazy but warm hearted olde-English bulldog Nala. We are beyond excited to welcome our second daughter in October. My "8 to 3" occupation as a special education teacher keeps me busy and entertained all year long with stories to share for hours. Through çavalove, I hope to find and share everyday sunshine with others, bringing warmth and comfort to those all around.