"Friday" Favorites - Jules edition

Hello everyone, my sincere apologies for the belated "Friday" Favorites entry. 

On Friday, I actually decided to take my maternity leave "early" so instead of working until next Friday, October 7th, I contacted my OBGYN and requested that my last day of work be Wednesday, October 5th. That'll be one week before my due date and although everyone's been scaring me about the second one coming earlier than expected/planned, I have faith that baby #2 will arrive on time and/or near her due date. 

Speaking of baby #2, we've been celebrating the upcoming arrival of baby Janie, left and right! And, these celebrations are what goes on my "Friday" Favorites for this week. 

Two weekends ago, the moms of my church threw me a sprinkle at a local coffee shop and it was a lovely time. It was just nice to gather with moms and few other married women and eat/chat together. I actually love that sprinkles are less attention on the mama. It's a lot more casual and informal- making it easy to just hang out! As well, often times in the church setting, we don't get as frequent opportunities to hang out with just women because church is a family thing. Therefore, it was super nice just being in the presence of these sisters and sharing this time with no men. (haha) Thank you for coming out, ladies! 

Next, there was a "surprise" baby shower at work for me on Tuesday. I say "surprise" because coworkers have been dropping hints but I didn't catch on until Tuesday afternoon. Also, I wasn't really expecting it because you know... Janie's the second child. However, she is the "first" one my school gets to celebrate for me. So it was really sweet. Upper grade teachers individually got me gifts and so many more people contributed to the group gift, than I expected. I mean, I've only been at this school for 2.5 years, and am one of the "newer" teachers on campus so I definitely felt the love at the shower. And you know what? They got me Porto's Fruit Tart, which is one of my favorites, so you better believe it- I had three slices! 

Lastly, today was my baby sprinkle that I hosted. I know there's the whole... "tackiness" and "poor etiquette" for throwing your own baby sprinkle but I really wanted to just gather my close girlfriends and spend time with them with no strings attached. I hate asking people to do things for me and knowing that I don't want/need any gifts, it just seemed unnecessary to bother any of my girlfriends into throwing a sprinkle. Equally, these girls have been very present in my life the past two years- especially with Halie, so I wanted to host a brunch and thank them in a way, for being there for me. But boy, was I wrong. These girlfriends lavished me with gifts for Janie, Halie, AND me! I also got a scrapbook for Janie, which they all contributed to and it was nice because many of them contributed to Halie's baby shower scrapbook as well. Thank you ladies so so very much for being such profound pillars of my life.  

Without a doubt, I am so very thankful for all these friendships present in my life. I'm spoiled by their love and am blessed to share life as a mom, with them. Halie and Janie are lucky to have you aunties! Y'all are my favorites.