October Thoughts

A lot of you may know that I am slightly obsessed with Joanna and Chip Gaines from the Fixer Upper. A lot of their work speaks to me and I'm not just talking about how they renovate houses. What initially drew me to the show was how their relationship was portrayed. Call me a sucker for cheesy things but I loved how they were to each other and their kids. 

Recently, their book came out and so they've been doing a lot of media PR to promote their book. I was perusing the internet one day when I came across their "interview" at their own church. I was only interested because a lot of their recent TV appearances have mainly been about their show/book (for obvious reasons) and I was more interested in what their calling as a Christian couple were.

When I started listening to their interview (which you can watch here), one thing really struck me. Everything they do, they try to make it intentional. Most importantly, they really share their importance of how their parents raised them and how they try to live out their lives for Christ and do the same for their own kids.

Doing things intentionally, is something that my husband, Ray, always drills into my head and his youth group kids so of course when the Gaines started talking about how their parents prayed for them every morning at 4am or how their parents really expressed the importance of Christ in their lives... I was floored. I had an "ah-ha" moment. This is something that I don't do enough. 

I don't pray enough for my family. I don't intentionally create routines enough for Riv to remember them. I don't read the bible enough. Man... it's hard! 

I think for a moment, I thought, Riv is too young to even know but I'm probably wrong about this. In a minute's moment, I realized, this girl is copying everything mommy and daddy are doing. The words we speak. The actions we take. The things we laugh at. One day, over a church gathering, I saw my little Riv clasp her hands together in the middle of prayer and copied what all the adults were doing. She either wanted to be included, was interested, or both. Nonetheless, when she clasped her hands together on my lap. I saw her bright eyes staring at everyone's actions, especially mine and Ray's, and saw her smiling. She was so happy to be able to partake in what everyone was doing. Then everyone said, "Amen," and there went Riv, "A-man." 

When we pursue after Christ, everything follows. Our careers, what our friends and family see, what my kid sees... when I pursue Christ, Riv is curious. She wants to know what I'm doing. She is excited to learn this. How could I have thought so little of this little being. She knows and will know more as she gets older each day. Now is the time to create traditions and routines. Share the importance of prayer and worship. She'll remember! I need to remember this.