Four Years and Counting

Time really does go by fast when you're having fun, eh? 

Dearest husband Han, thank you for making the last 4 years of my everyday life so spectacular. It's crazy warm fuzzy feeling knowing that we've been married for 4 years already. Can't wait to share forever more years with you. I love getting to know and love you more and more every day.  
Anyway, to commemorate this milestone, I wanted to share four things I learned and loved about marriage. 

1. Your love and understanding of your spouse truly grows each year. 

2. You emulate each other's little quirks... that probably annoyed or made you roll your eyes before. But now, you laugh at it together. 

3. Dating was excitingly surprising but marriage is surprisingly exciting.

4. Marriage is a partnership and you're really in it together.

Video of today 4 years ago... still gives me the butterflies. Let's get married (again)!