Hello readers, Jess & Jules here!
It’s been 5 months since we started our blog and we cannot thank YOU enough for all of your love and support. As we approach Thanksgiving, we wanted to show gratitude and do our first ever… GIVEAWAY!

For your chance to win any of the three(!!!) giveaways, all you have to do is be active and participate on our blog. We will then randomly draw the winners on Wednesday, November 23rd and announce the winners on our special Thanksgiving post.
So, you ready?

Here we go.

At the end of every post between now and then, there will be a random question. All you have to do is comment with your response. That’s it!

ie: Who’s your ultimate celebrity crush??
            reader A: Rachel McAdams
            reader B: Kanye West           
            reader C: Justin Timberlake
            reader D: Ryan Gosling
            reader E: Britney Spears

so on and so on... Get the drift?

Now, here are the rules.
Please respond once per post. If responded more than once per post, then you will be disqualified. The winners will be randomly drawn Wednesday, November 23rd at 9pm, PST. The winners will be announced November 24th. 

The giveaways are as follows:
Ultimate Giveaway= carefully curated beauty items by both Jess & Jules
Thankful Giveaway= surprise favorite item(s) from Jess
Grateful Giveaway= surprise favorite item(s) from Jules

Again, thank you for all of your love and support. Now, good luck! Happy commenting! 

Question 1: Who inspires you? 

This giveaway is not sponsored by or affiliated with any social media platforms.