Newborn Lifestyle Photo

About a month ago, I had successfully convinced my husband into booking a photo session for our new family. It took strategy and reasoning because he does not like taking photos. I had the photographer, the price, date, and time all scheduled before giving him my personal reasons of booking this session. Luckily, it didn't take too much budging and Han gave me the go. Yes!

After I had booked our session however, I contemplated whether to keep or cancel our session because... it was a newborn lifestyle photo, as in, it'll be done right in the "comfort" of our home. Yes, comfort is in quotation marks because that's how our photographer, More Beatty, described the session would be like. I hesitated because 1. there's no spot in the house that's very photo-worthy 2. too many distractions for Halie and 3. not enough lighting, props, etc. On top of that, my very own mom put extra fear and worries about "inviting a stranger into our home"... (all done out of love, of course, but thanks mom).

Well, we did follow through and did our session last week and I must say, it really was chill and comfortable, right in the comfort of our own home. 

More was so professional, from start to finish. She came early to survey our house and find the best lighting and space. She then had Halie warm up to the camera (and her), all before our session even started. This was super helpful because I worried that she wouldn't warm up til later in our session and our "time" would be up. The poses and suggestions throughout were all comfortable, where we didn't feel like we were being contortionists or on a shoot with Miss J from AMNT. She respected Janie's needs and schedule also, which really put me at ease. 

So without further ado, I share with y'all our sneak peak photos! 

All photo credits: More Beatty Photography 

I whole heartily recommend in-home lifestyle shoots, especially for new families and hope you find it just as comfortable and easy like we did! Thanks More! 


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