Honorary Gilmore GIrl

Do you know what's great about maternity leave and SAHM-ing? The luxury of watching Netflix at all hours. 

Before going into labor, I asked my facebook friends what TV shows I should binge watch during maternity leave because the only thing that can keep you company at your 3am and 5am feeding/pump sessions is Netflix (online shopping is too dangerous in the middle of the night, when you're half functioning). My criteria was that it's something similar to Friday Night Lights and Parenthood - something family oriented drama, with no serious crime/medical/comedy/zombie related. Once surveyed, I've gotten some great suggestions, ranging from The West Wing to Narcos, and from Last Chance U to Dexter. 

Now, I tried some of those suggestions but at 3am, my brain is incapable of processing and following along the plot so I had to go with something that's more feel good... something I already know the gist of- so that if I accidentally fall asleep or walk away, I still know what's going on.

Thus, enter Gilmore Girls. 

I hesitated because it's seven seasons long and I've watched a good amount episodes here and there so I felt like I already "knew" the Gilmore Girls.. but with all this hype of "A Year in the Life" special 4 episodes airing on Netflix starting November 25th and Luke's Diner coming live across country for a day, I hopped on the wagon and started the series from the beginning. And here I am, to admit that I am totally hooked

Within a month, I am 4 seasons in, an episode and a half away from 5th season. Additionally, at this rate, I will be able to join the rest of the world on Black Friday, watching the first episode of their special instead of dragging two kids to shopping. I mean, Halie "watched" it with me so many times already that she now says "I like this song" when the theme song plays! 

There are so many reasons why it's so addicting and so good, but I'll save that for another day/post. 

For now, I am looking forward to the next episode and finishing the past seasons so that I can thoroughly enjoy the special 4 episodes with the rest of the world. By Black Friday, I will become Honorary Gilmore Girl. 

PS: Can I watch the special episodes rocking this shirt? All while drinking coffee and eating a slice of pie... of course. 

 photo credit: Jane.com / TIckled Teal 

photo credit: Jane.com / TIckled Teal 



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