DIY Monogrammed Coasters

¡Hola! How is everyone doing with the time change? Enjoying the "extra" hour? Did y'all go vote today? Boy, was it hot in LA today! It's going to be 90's all this week... where is my sweater weather???

So today, I decided to blog about a little project I did few days back, when I was sleep deprived but couldn't nap during the daytime while Janie was asleep... because well, y'all know that no mama sleeps during the daytime when the baby is asleep, right?? 

A while back, I was walking around Michaels when I came across a pack of 4 cork square coasters. I've been using them plainly for months but this particular day, I decided to channel the little artist in me. End result, personalized cork coasters that I enjoy using now. 

This project was SUPER simple and took me less than 10 minutes! Here's the run down! 


  • cork squares or circles
  • permanent markers (I used one fine tip and one regular tip)
  • black ballpoint pen
  • a round bottle (I used my water bottle that was within reach at that moment).


  • Think of the design you want to "permanently" make on your coasters. Monograms are timeless, so I decided to do an "L" in a wreath. 
  • Find a circle to trace for the wreath. I used the circumference of my water bottle.
  • Using a black ballpoint pen, lightly trace the circumference of the water bottle, or any circumference of your choice. 
  • Using a permanent marker, draw your wreath, monogram, and/or design of your choice.
  • Finished! 

That's it! 5 simple steps, 1 simple art project! Let me know if you DIY cork coasters and how it turns out!