Friday Favorites - Jessica's Edition

Well, well, well... we meet again my friends. I feel like it's been awhile since I last posted but I can't be sure.

For today's Friday's Favorite... SHOUT OUT TO MY UNIQLO LIGHTWEIGHT DOWN HOODED COAT! This baby has saved my butt! We are currently experiencing the "polar vortex" so this coat has been a necessity in my life.

Here's the thing... I wanted to be basic. I wanted what everyone had: a black Patagonia / North Face / LL Bean long down jacket. Here's my reality... who's going to buy that for me because I'm surely not dropping that cash right now. 

I was skeptical at first knowing it was quite inexpensive for a winter coat but after reading the reviews and knowing that free returns was a possibility, I just went for it and I haven't looked back. This sucker went all the way down in price to as low as $79 over Black Friday/Cyber Monday. This baby is light (very important for a mama carrying her toddler and little baby inside her belly), it's warm, it's foldable, and it has a little fur hood that's also detachable. It also comes with a belt to cinch the waist if you want a bit more shape. I currently don't need to be cinching any waistline so I just leave the belt at home. 

I'm going to end my Friday Favorites post with this lock screen that I was able to download through the "She Reads Truth" app. I've been going through a testing period in my life emotionally and spiritually the past month and this specific verse is a good reminder of Jesus during this season of Advent. "...but One who has been tested in every way we are, yet without sin."

I hope everyone is keeping safe and warm during this time! I'm surely counting down to Christmas and spending some quality time with family.