Life Lately... Jessica's Edition

I feel like it's been awhile since my last post. Sorry for being so MIA but life lately has been feeling a bit tough, emotionally and physically... the gritty details I will save for another rainy day (yes, it's rainy here in Virginia). So what have I been up to?

- We've been adjusting back from Korea and Riv is successfully sleeping her 10-12 hours except... she has bad dreams? How come kids are always changing? She's also still very attached to me. That has not changed yet. 

- Baby #2 is coming in 13 weeks. THIRTEEN. WHAT?! That number is very little. The guest room has yet to be cleaned out and ready for baby #2. I haven't contacted my company's HR yet to set up maternity leave... but I have time to do that, right? I haven't thought about breast pumps or infant clothing. I take my glucose test next week and I've been eating extremely unhealthy. Pregnancy update post coming soon! 

- We decided to grow our family sooner... because we are partially crazy... OK, but really.... 

Meet Jaxon. We couldn't help it. Against everyone's opinions, we adopted this little six month old dude because we are weird. So far, he's been a delightful addition to the family. Murphy is no longer depressed in the evenings when I can't play with her because my body is exhausted. They keep each other company and they also fight. Murphy has really shown us that she is "mature" compared to Jaxon by walking brilliantly on the leash and pawing Jaxon's face when he can't control himself over treats to do a trick. 

Jax has also been favored by the other male in the family due to his cuddliness. 

Best of all, Riv has really been showing us that she's the biggest sister of all. Calling her little sister and brother "Muh-Tee" and "Jac-Jun" to go there or come upstairs or telling them to stop fighting... or best of all, grabbing them both randomly to hug them and giggling. It's been a big burst of love in my heart to see her interact with them... a bit of a foreshadow into what life with her human sibling later on will be like.  

Call us crazy or just keep on checking the blog out to see how my life unravels with a full house... dun dun dun!