Happy Birthday, Halie! (daycare edition)

It all seems like yesterday I went into labor and pushed Halie out into this world but our "baby"girl turned TWO yesterday. Where does the time go?? People say the first year is a blur but with so many milestones (walking, school, talking, etc) being achieved in the "second" year of their lives, feels like it's really the first two years that are a blur. (or maybe it's the lack of sleep with pregnancy that's making things a blur for me)

Early on, Han and I agreed that we won't do any crazy parties for our kid(s) because we didn't want to emphasize birthdays too much. I've always enjoyed my family birthday dinners more anyway... Well, being pregnant and feeling bittersweet that our firstborn has a limited time in receiving FULL ATTENTION from us, I felt the need to have a party for her.. but Han was vetoing all my party ideas. So, I did what any daycare moms would do.
I threw a simple birthday "party" for Halie. 

My original plan was to go to her daycare during their nap... but with VP Biden being in town and creating traffic all over LA, I didn't make it there until 4pm. I'm not sure if it was the post-nap, candles in your face, or "too much" attention on her, but as soon as we started singing "Happy Birthday" for Halie, she started crying!  

After calming down in my arms, we blew the candles out together and she thoroughly enjoyed her ice cream scoops. Yes, ice cream "party" because 1. it's summer, 2. daycare allergy reasons, and 3. who doesn't love ice cream?? (but the real reason?? If it was a cupcake party, Halie will only lick the icing off of the cupcake and I can't tolerate that...) 

 Kissy face for 2 scoops of ice cream with sprinkles AND watermelon! 

Kissy face for 2 scoops of ice cream with sprinkles AND watermelon! 

After ice cream, Halie passed out the goody bags to all of her friends. She loved giving each of her friends their goody bags! The goody bag was "bubble" themed, which included: 

  • Cracker Jacks (POPcorn)
  • Bubbles
  • Personalized bubble wand 
  • Birthday stickers
  • Fruit snacks ("healthier" option than the typical candy goodies)

I might slightly feel bad for not doing "more" but you know what? It was enough and SHE enjoyed her daycare party. Sometimes, it's the simple things that bring the most joy. YAY!

PS: Halie continued the celebration at home with her favorite meal (bulgogi + steamed cabbage with ssamjang + kimchi) followed by a Minnie Mouse birthday cupcake cake made by family friend's daughter, Eliana unnie.