Friday Favorites (with Jess)

TGIF am I right?! 

On this week's episode of Friday Favorites...

Sesame Street with Nick Jonas
Riv has been especially enjoying Sesame Street music lately. Give her a cartoon TV show or movie and she won't care but give her music... she's got your attention. Her favorite lately has been all songs from Sesame Street. There's only so many ABC medleys and songs you can listen to before you go numb. Nick Jonas did it right folks. Give it a listen, it's pretty catchy :)

Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment - Petal
I've been avoiding makeup for majority of my days. Mostly because I've gotten a bit tan from all my long walks with the pup and because I sweat like a man. Yup. I hate the feeling of sweat + makeup. I've been keeping it minimal and this tinted lip treatment gives me the gentle TLC for my sensitive lips and adds the perfect nude-y berry color for that little pick-me-up.

Urban Decay's Naked Concealer
Staying on the topic of keeping it light, I recently got this concealer after much hype and... I love it. It's actually very comparable to the Maybelline Fit Me concealer that I used to have if you're looking for a cheaper alternative. The consistency is thin so it doesn't cake up. I use it under my eyes and a tiny dab around my nose if I'm extra red that day and that's about it for face makeup lately. 

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist
I love me a good mist in the middle of the day. This thing smells heavenly (if you like roses). It's not too powerful and makes my face feel fresh. I sometimes use it in place of toner and definitely throughout the day when I feel like I need to "wake up" or freshen up. 

Happy Weekend you guys! Now let me go back to the 100 degree weather in humid Virginia.