ignorance is (not) bliss

This week has been a crazy one for me. I'm in my 3rd trimester and had my week 30 appointment scheduled on Monday. What I thought would be a typical 30 minute (quick in/out) visit ended up being over an hour long visit. It tested my patience level and I was very furious just sitting and waiting in the room for over an hour. Yes, you read that right. I sat in the waiting room for over an hour, just to be seen by an OBGYN for 15 minutes. The nurse and the doctor profusely apologized as they saw me getting antsier by the second, but man- it was hard to not show my emotion. 

The kick to this check up happened when she mentioned that my regular OBGYN had messaged my via kp.org (which I don't check/didn't get any notification). Curious, I had asked her what did she message me about and then I heard what I was hoping to NOT hear... "Your glucose level came back high from your 2nd trimester 1 hour test... she wants you to come in for the 3 hour test to make sure you don't have gestational diabetes." OMG- now, I know I haven't been eating very healthy with this pregnancy as I had with Halie but noooooo, not GD! "We're also concerned because your urine sample from today showed traces of sugar, which is a big indicator that your body is not processing sugar as well as we want it to, which can affect the baby...." AHHHHH. 

Okay, so if I wasn't so hot headed from waiting for over an hour to see the doctor, I might have responded more carefully and concerned. However, I just wanted to get out of there! (After all, I had to reschedule, then cancel my nail appointment because of this unforeseen delay!) The doctor kept urging me to come back the next day to do the "3 hour" glucose test but I didn't want to, I'll just do it at my next visit... IGNORANCE IS BLISS.


I drove home, frustrangry (my coined word after this visit, so fetch!) that I had to go back to this office for a 3 hour test... and get pricked 3 times (I hate blood tests and shots!). I kept telling myself that I will go back for the 3 hour test at my next check up, which happened to be scheduled 10 days away, that's not too far away and I can wait that long... However, I couldn't get rid of the guilty feeling. What if I do have GD? What if I end up getting a c-section because I ignored the signs for 10 days? What if there is all this sugar that's not getting processed right and I'm hurting the baby? 
Ugh- the worry and the questions wouldn't go away. I couldn't ignore it. It wasn't a time of bliss. So what did I do? I fasted and went for my glucose test the next day. 

Now, here's the other thing. This "3 hour" test is not really "3 hours". It's more like, +11 and then the 3 hours. +11 hours of fasting, and then about 3.5 hours at the hospital... doing nothing. As well, it's not a "3 prick" test, it's a "4 prick" test. 



I had gathered my brain to go in for a 3 prick test but when I found out it was 4... oh man, I almost lost it. What do you mean 4?? The initial blood sample is from your fasting. After you drink the 100g ridiculously sweet glucose drink, it's 1 blood sample per hour, for 3 hours. Total, of 4 pricks, and total of 3.5 hours at the hospital. Now, remember how I mentioned that you're fasting also? 
YEAH. After that first blood sample, I was frustrangry x10 and hangry x100.
Last time I ate was 9:59pm and it was now 10:35am... I began to feel light headed and dizzy. All I could think about was food, and angry that I won't be able to eat for another 3.5 hours... I was also angry because the doctor had suggested I "take a book or some work to do, to keep yourself busy, because you'll be there for 3 hours"... Out of my frustrangry state, I totally judged the doctor I saw because 1. she looked so dang young, 2. did not have kids, but clearly, 3. she did not have to do this because there was NO WAY IN HECK was I able to read or get some work done. MY BRAIN COULDN'T FUNCTION. 
When I went in for that 1 hour blood sample at 11:35am, the "phlebotomist" (the nurse that draws your blood), looked and asked if I was okay. I told her I was feeling light headed and dizzy, and to be honest, nauseous. She said no matter what I do, don't throw up. I'll give you a bed and a room to lay down in and hopefully, that'll help with the light headedness and dizziness. So then on from 11:40 til the rest of the "3 hour" test, I was laying in a hospital bed... le sigh. 

 laying in the hospital bed... with my two purses, full of "things to do"

laying in the hospital bed... with my two purses, full of "things to do"

3 hours have gone by, I am finally walking out of Kaiser with 2 pricks on each arm... 

After my last prick, the phlebotomist lets me know, "You can call the appointment line and check your lab results as early as 5pm today..." Sorry lady, but I don't give a beep when I can check the results- I'm gonna go FEAST! I'm going to ignore the fact that I just spent 4 hours at the hospital and go HAM at my late lunch date with me myself and I. 
Again, ignorance is bliss. I will find out the results at my next appointment and just eat all the carbs and sugar for one more week.

Ignorance is NOT bliss. 

2pm, I put all the carb from my lunch plate to the side and didn't eat them... 

 Lomo Saltado menos arroz, papas fritas, y pan. (The egg yolk was saved for last, my fav!)

Lomo Saltado menos arroz, papas fritas, y pan. (The egg yolk was saved for last, my fav!)

6pm, time for dinner- I ordered the lowest carb and sugar count salad/soup combo from Panera... just in case

 Broccoli cheddar soup, Fuji apple with chicken salad, and Apple. 

Broccoli cheddar soup, Fuji apple with chicken salad, and Apple. 

I can't bear the thought of waiting... I can't hurt this baby even more, if I really do have GD... I'm calling the appointment center line! 

10pm- "No message from the lab at the moment. Please call back later..."

7am- "No message from the lab at the moment. Please call back later..."

8am- reset KP.org account info and log in to read a message from the doctor: "Your lab results came back normal, you do not have gestational diabetes." 

HOLY, HALLELUJAH! Thank god I didn't "ignore" it.
I still feel like I wasted my entire Monday and Tuesday at the hospital. However, I don't regret it because I can continue to enjoy carbs and sugar.  

Expectant moms, women who are planning on getting pregnant... I really hope you don't have gestational diabetes. This test was painful, in the most selfish and frustrangry way possible for a pregnant lady. However, it's so random that if you do end up getting gestational diabetes, so much kudos to y'all because counting carbs/sugar was so hard for me even for half a day, I can't imagine doing this for x amount of weeks during your pregnancy!