Favorite Fridays (Jess Edition)

I don't know how single working moms do it but here's to you, all you out there! I got a little taste of what it was like this week and let's just say my Friday Favorites might shed some light on how I took this week... 

Let me start by saying that I almost teared up because I couldn't find this granola to go with my yogurt (just kidding, maybe... I was REALLY hungry).  This Nature's Path Organic Granola and Siggi's Vanilla Yogurt was my breakfast every single morning. It was delightfully delicious and all the right amount of sweet.  

Did I mention this week's been really tough? Nonetheless, this picture depicts everything bliss about this weekend. 1. Ray finally came back from being out of town. There's just something about a full house. 2. Spontaneous, decadent, delight thanks to the Cheesecake Factory. 3. I have a tumbler obsession. Ray thinks I have a problem (might be true). Either way, after much hype, I caved and purchased this Hydroflask for me and Ray as we've been trying to drink more water everyday. Verdict: it's pretty freaking great. I've had the Swell bottle before which also vows to keep your drink cold and hot for a long period of time but I have to say Hydroflask tells the cake. This thing kept my ice water cold for 12+ hours. 

Toodles for now! This girl is going to try and stay indoors all weekend away from the excessive heat warning I received from the county via text.