Dear Year Six

Dear Year Six,

Today officially marked the first day of year six in teaching. I thought I got this but oh boy, the butterflies were there and I questioned myself a lot this morning. Am I really doing this? Am I ready to face my students? Oh boy...

I got this. I can do it.

My classroom may not be aesthetically 100% ready for the first day (or week) of school. But I welcome you, year six, with excitement and curiosity. May my passion exude out the door and onto my community. May the minds of my students be sparked and ignited to dream bigger, achieve higher, and to never give up. May I be trusted and respected by the parents, assuring them that I want the same things for their children. May I be a helpful resource on campus for my coworkers and collaborate often and well with them. But in all that I do, may I be a Godly example, truly reflecting the characteristics of Jesus Christ. 

Let's do this, year six!