Friday Favorites - Jess Edition

In honor of National Dog Day and in commemoration of my obsession with animals ... especially dogs... I give you, Murphy. 

 Photo Credit: Anney Park Photography

Photo Credit: Anney Park Photography


- Murphy is a goldendoodle
- Murphy is Riv's big sister by 4 months
- You know those videos of soldiers returning home and they show how the dog cannot contain themselves and cry and go crazy? Yea, Murphy does that. Even when I go upstairs for 10 minutes and come back down. 
- She will only cuddle with me in the family. 
- She will also only lick me and go crazy when she has to go outside to do her business.
- She enjoys carrots and rice.
- She doesn't know how NOT to jump. It's really a work in progress ... for the rest of our lives it seems. 
- She will come sit next to you and stare at you to make sure you're OK when you are crying. (This is not just once in awhile. Every time I've cried in front of her, she's done this.) 
- She loves me too much. 

I never regret having this fluffy animal in my life.