Rehoboth Beach

How come no one told me what it was like to go to the beach with a one year old? 

Ray and I decided to take four youth group seniors and Riv to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Excited we were packing the essentials: sunscreen, bathing suit, extra clothes, snacks and drinks in the cooler...etc. 

Then of course I went down a rabbit hole googling "what to pack for the beach with a toddler." Of course there were endless lists and opinions from various bloggers, pinterest, mommy hacks...etc. 

Conclusion: The beach with a toddler is tiring and funny. Below are some of our experiences, lessons learned, and photos from the day trip.

We finally arrived to Rehoboth Beach. It was supposed to take 3 hours but it took us 5. Apparently, everyone decided to take a trip that day. We found a spot by the beach, put sunscreen on the babe and set up this super easy beach tent. Tents are a must for little ones but here's some pros and cons about this beach tent that only opens up on one side.

Pro: Provides shade. Easy to set up and clean up, seriously hassle free. Light.
Con: There was no air in this tent. The sun was beaming and it was if the hot air was getting trapped in there. We highly recommend tents that are completely open on all four sides with just a roof over your head for shade. 

Lots of water. Between the heat and all the sand Riv was consuming, I needed to make sure she was staying hydrated at all times. We took lots of bottled waters and a jug just in case. We also had lots of cut up fruit in the cooler which was a great way to stay hydrated and cool. 

It was so hot that day that I had to immediately take Riv by the water to cool off for a little. Another tip: water shoes were a great purchase for us. The sand was so hot in between my adult, calloused, high heel wearing feet that I'm glad I bought these for Riv to wear on the beach to keep her soft feet safe. 

 She was so cautious with the waves. Making sure it was safe. 

She was so cautious with the waves. Making sure it was safe. 

After being brave a few times, she decided to cling onto "appa" to see what these waves were all about.  Then she decided the waves were just scary enough that she needed "appa" to hold her.

I love that I have photos like this to remember this time. Such a sweet moment.

Riv was obsessed with sand. My water baby all of a sudden decided that sand was even better and attempted to eat all the shells and sand that she could find without getting caught.  Also, not sure if you can really see in the back but we tried a mommy hack! Going to the crowded beach was too crazy and Riv was a little scared of the waves so we took a cheap shower liner and dug a shallow hole next to our tent and made the babies a little pool.  I thought I had a picture of it but I don't, oops!

Then either the heat got to Riv or she was just really tired...maybe both? She decided to do just plop down on the sand and roll around for the rest of our stay on the beach. Then she encouraged her cousin to do the same. That was pretty much our cue to leave. 

As soon as we put her in the stroller she knocked out. 

Ending the day with lobster bisque at a very mediocre restaurant that I wouldn't go back to. Let's just say I left the restaurant hungry... especially because lobster bisque was the best part of my meal and Riv ate 80% of it. 

Summary of our beach trip:

  • Not as beautiful as all these other bloggers make it seem in their gorgeous photos with a toddler and the beaming sun.
  • Sand gets everywhere. Sand...gets...every.where. EVERYWHERE. Why do I always forget this?
  • Wear lots of sunscreen.
  • Snack all day.
  • All-in-all memories were quite wonderful and our first beach trip with this beautiful babe of ours was a success for the most part.