My Lash Extension Experience

Recently, my lovely friends purchased a voucher for me to get my lash extensions done. This place had unbelievable reviews (both from personal friends as well as online). Before I actually dive in, let me give you a brief outline of what my beauty routine has been like lately...

  • I work from home majority of the week. Which is the equivalent to: I don't wear makeup on these days. I keep it minimal... moisturizer with SPF, eye cream, and a lip balm. That's how I go on about my day 4 out of the 7 days of the week. 
  • When I do go into the office or to church or an event, I'm 100%. By that, I don't mean full glam. Jessica's 100% lately involves just putting makeup on. period.: concealer under the eyes, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and blush. 
  • I also wash my face both in the morning and the evening. I hate the feeling of excess oil or makeup sitting on my skin. It's all gotta go. 

Let me also preface this experience by saying that I've gotten my lashes done 3-4 times before and they haven't been terrible experiences but I always hated the way they felt on my eyes. I could feel them. Every time I blinked... it was there. I could feel it when they glued it. Thus, I wasn't a huge fan but I loved the way it made me look. 

When my friends were so kind enough to get me this voucher, I was super excited. I just knew my getting ready time would be cut in half and my minimal makeup routine would be even more minimal which is a win for mom's on the go. 

Let me fast forward: I went to the eyelash extension studio. I lied down on this comfortable massage chair. They covered me up with a soft and warm fleece. I closed my eyes and off I went to dream land. I couldn't feel a thing. 10 points right there. This woman got this lash extension thing down. She did it in about 45 minutes which gave me a solid nap. (Hallelujah!) 

I opened my eyes after my "nap" and I couldn't even feel the weight of the lashes. (She used mink lashes by the way.) Another 10 points right there. At that point, I felt like a winner. Here are some unflattering pictures of my before and after:

Do you see the difference?! My nonexistent lashes just seemed enhanced. I imagine this is what my lashes might look like with some powerful Latisse action but I haven't been brave enough to embark on that path just yet.

I've had these suckers on for about 4 days now and I will say that my getting ready time is basically nothing. It just looks like I have some really great falsies or mascara on at all times. They look so natural and add a little bit of oomph. Let's take a look at Exhibit B below: Here's my sad attempt at being cute. Aside from how hilarious this photo might be, look at my eyes! No, I'm not wearing eyeliner or mascara. Oomph, I tell ya!

Here's my "but" right here...

Like I mentioned above. I wash my face, day and night. You can also call me an aggressive face washer. I splatter that water and get all the dirt off. Lately, my face washing is basically the equivalent to how an esthetician may gently give you a soothing facial. Sounds lovely but it's frustrating. I just want to rub my eyes and get water everywhere but I can't! "Avoid the eyes when you wash your face or take a shower." HOW?! Maintaining these beauties have been somewhat difficult for someone like me. 

Final verdict: If you are a gentle face washer or if you rarely wash your face and don't wear eye makeup at all, I highly recommend getting them done. If you are an aggressive face washer and like to wear makeup, you might want to rethink these. While I love having them on, I keep realizing how careful I find myself being. I haven't quite decided if I'm willing to get them done again so for now, I'll just flutter my eyes until they slowly start falling off.

(Shout out to my lovely friends who got me these to help this mama feel beautiful on her off days. You guys are the best!)