Unboxing the Box of Style by Rachel Zoe

One day, while I was perusing the internet, my gimmick-loving, subscription-obsessing side of me came out. (This actually happens quite often so this really should come to nobody's surprise.) 

I've subscribed to a few subscriptions/boxes in my lifetime:
- Birchbox
- Glossy Box
- Fabletic
- JewelMint
- StyleMint
- Fab Fit Fun
- Barkbox
- Trunk Club

Do you see where I'm going with this? It's been awhile since I've divulged into a good monthly present for myself so I gave myself the OK to subscribe to Rachel Zoe's Box of Style. Here are a few facts:

- $100 / 4x a year for each season (approximately $33 a month)
- Each box contains over $300 worth of items hand-picked by Rachel Zoe
- Each box claims to contain a "hero" item (which is usually the most expensive and the staple for the season), beauty item, lifestyle find, and a style item

I was sold. I wanted in. I want stuff that Rachel Zoe picks out for me, right?

This is actually my second box. I received my first one in the summer and I was thoroughly satisfied with everything I received. I wanted to see if each box would hold up.

Each box greets you with a friendly hello and each item is carefully wrapped in all black tissue paper. Then they provide you with a guide book of sorts to explain how you can use/style each item in the box, how much it retails for, what it is, where you can get it, and a discount code for that brand if you decide you want more. 


Item #1: The Hero Item: Donni Charm Wonder Cape, retail value $197

I always get skeptical when they say the item actually retails for a certain amount. Nonetheless the quality of this cape is unbelievable. By that I mean, it is so freaking soft. Almost feels like cashmere (is it?). I have no idea. I would never pay $197 for this thing but since I have it, I'll probably be tossing this in my bag and everywhere I go to stay warm in the chilly weather. 

Item #2: B-Low The Belt Gatsby Wrap Belt. Retail Value: $105

This belt actually comes at a good time in my life. As I've been growing in size for the second year in a row, my waist just isn't the same so the belts that I have at home don't agree with me. I've resorted to a white wrap belt that I had for the summer but now that the weather is cooling down, I may use this a lot. It feels of real leather and might be a nice touch to give it the illusion that I'm not completely without a waist. 

Item #3 & #4: IT Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil. Retail Value: $24. IT Cosmetics Vitality Lip Blush Hydrating Gloss Stain. Retail Value: $24. 

I tried both of these suckers out. The lipgloss stain works well and it was hydrating on my sensitive lips. The only thing I'd maybe change is the color because I went a little too bright. (I was going for more of a burgundy than a bright red lip. Fail.) The eyebrow pencil is OK. I actually am terrible with my eyebrows so I'm probably not the best person to be testing it out but the "universal taupe" is not universal. I'll probably be giving this item away. 

Item #5: Rachel Zoe Tossel Bracelet. Retail Value: $95.

Cute but is it really worth $95? It doesn't feel like a piece of jewelry that would cost $95 if you know what I mean. I expected a heavy piece of metal but this thing feels light as a feather. Perhaps that's for the best but I just can't imagine anyone paying $95 for this one. With that said, I'd probably sport this once in awhile. It's simple and the tassel is a nice touch. 

Item #6: Hollywood Fashion Secrets Lint Removing Sheets. Retail Value: $6.

To be honest, the lifestyle item in this whole box is my least favorite. Last time it was a hair turban and this time it's this lint removing sheets. But like the saying goes "don't knock it till you try it," I'll have to give these a go before I say more. I am lazy and do carry a lot of lint with me. Who knows, maybe I'll need to use that promo code Rachel Zoe provided and buy some more.

Overall, this box can be pretty impressive. Especially their hero and beauty items. Those two items have yet to disappoint me. I would continue to allow myself in thinking that items over $300 were all curated for me in that black box I receive seasonally and enjoy every piece of it!