Friday Favorites - Jules Edition

With school back in session (just wrapped up week 3), my life is back to revolving around my classroom and work life. It's nice having that routine and structure back in place but it's also a humbling time/season of life when I'm reminded that I can't do everything. 

This school year, I mentally prepared myself in advance that I won't be able to do everything, especially with the baby #2 coming 2 months after the start of the school year... and then having to return back to work 2 months after the arrival of baby #2. (yup.. gotta return back to work and make that $$)

So, I've done a few things to help me get through what I could... and now that I've experienced a few of them, they are definitely climbing on the favorites chart and wondering where I have been without them. Without further ado, I share with you my Friday Favorites! 

1. Instant Pot

 Couldn't resist that deal! 

Couldn't resist that deal! 

Several moms at my church have been raving this kitchen appliance. For the longest time, I resisted the temptation to add another gadget in my small kitchen because... tbh, I don't cook much and because I don't want to "clutter" my kitchen space. However, with the constant facebook notifications and updates on just how cool and amazing this gadget is from different moms, I caved. I bought mine on amazon during one of their random flash deals and since then, I've tried several different meals/dishes and each time- I've loved the result. Again, I don't cook much but 90% of the time I cooked these past three weeks, I used the Instant Pot. So far, I've attempted:

    - Tex Mex Turkey Chili Mac
    - gaeran jjim (Korean steamed egg)
    - shredded chicken for salads
    - Cajun Shrimp Broil
    - Sloppy Joe
    - Egg & Potato Salad

Looking back on this list, I'm pretty impressed with myself because I actually can't believe I cooked that "much" the past three weeks. (Remember, I don't cook much). The reasons why IP is #1 on my FF list: 

- All the meat involved for any of the meals listed above were straight out of the freezer with minimal or no thawing involved.
- shredded chicken was made IN THE MORNING- during my morning routine. THAT quick & easy
- one of my favorite parts of KBBQ is the gaeran jjim. I can now make this at home in quick 10 min! 
- Hard Boiled Eggs in less than 15 min? WIN. 
- no slaying in the kitchen for over 30 min. GUARANTEE. 

Tex Mex Turkey Chili Mac || Cajun Shrimp Broil || Egg & Potato Salad


I've heard of DonorsChoose for years now and even though I've heard great things about it, I never tried it myself as a teacher until this past summer. First of all, I hate borrowing/asking for financial support... even if it's for a good cause. I just feel awkward about it. However, everyone on donorschoose is "doing it" so I figured, why not... I really didn't have high expectations or hope for it. However, my project got fully funded a week ago (thank you donors!) and I started receiving the things on my list this week. It's been INCREDIBLE and seriously, it's a new level of GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION you feel as a teacher. When I'd become jaded in my work setting with the lack of supplies and materials, I wasn't motivated myself and grew bitter. With my project getting funded and receiving the shipments, I feel SUPER motivated and inspired to step up and continue to do what I love- teach. I can't wait to set up everything and get technology up and running with my students! 

Have a wonderful three day weekend, everyone!