Pregnancy Update: Month 4 (September)

Jess here, now bringing you monthly updates of all my ups and downs in this journey I call, my second pregnancy. I'm mainly doing this for myself (selfish, maybe) but something I wish I had done with my first. To jot down all my symptoms, likes, dislikes, and etc. 

My symptoms have already started. People say that with your second, everything happens faster. Perhaps it's because your body already knows what its doing. With Riv, I don't remember having any terrible symptoms right off the bat. Everything started much later with her and I remember thinking it was an easy pregnancy until the last stretch of my second trimester. Anyways, without further ado...

baby's size

navel orange. still so small! :)

pregnancy symptoms

- Bad indigestion. All the time. Unless I stick to mild foods, it all goes downhill for several hours of my day.
- I'm always thirsty so I'm carrying my Hydroflask with me everywhere I go. 
- Everything does seem to happen faster with the second. I've been showing for weeks now and at an awkward stage... do I just start wearing maternity clothes now or do I still try to cover it up? (I'm at she gaining weight or is she pregnant? stage)
- Nosebleeds. Is this normal?! I've had 9 in the past 7 days. Three people have confirmed that they've had the same symptoms but it's kind of crazy! I am currently carrying toilet paper in my purse at all the times. You know, just in case. 


I am devouring sandwiches and hamburgers. It's the only thing that keeps me indigestion free. Oh, and fresh fruit. 

reflections and pictures this month

This one seems to be harder than my last. With Riv, I was taking things in strides. Enjoying my pregnancy, soaking in every minute of it. With this one, I'm worried about Riv. She has been extremely clingy for me. Asking for me. Following my every move. Wanting to be held and touched. I'm tending to her every need. Allowing her to climb all over me, even in my uncomfortable state. Enduring nauseousness. Hunger. Dizziness. Making sure Riv is occupied and happy, ignoring my tired state. Right now, she is my number one priority and I'm starting to feel a little guilty for my second already. Making it up with prayers and belly rubs. Bear with me baby... and keep up my tired body!