Sharing Life with a Sister

September is coming to an end and so are two other things that are dear to my heart... my church's summer mentorship program & my pregnancy. 

I've shared plenty of times about my pregnancy so I want to focus today on the first- summer mentorship program. 

Church had approached me in the late spring/early summer if I'd be interested in being a mentor over the summer- to a younger sister who is looking for accountability and "mentorship". If you remember one of my very first posts, this was also the time when my family was struggling to decide if we should stay at our church or to look for a new community. Well, like I shared in that post, we decided to stay, have fuller hope and faith, and continue to serve the church. So, I had agreed to be a mentor and prayed (hard) that despite where my heart and soul has been the past couple of months, that I'd be able to fully share and mentor a younger sister who's looking to get closer to God. 

Fast forward to this month and my mentee and I'll be meeting for our last official meeting this week and I'm genuinely sad about it. It's been such a wonderful journey sharing life together through the Word and just simply getting to know each other. 

All that the program truly "required" of me was to just go through 1 Peter and shed some light, wisdom, and some personal connections. However, we got to share our testimonies, our past/current struggles and challenges, our joys, marvel at how awesome our God is, and simply put- life

Reflecting back on this program and just my life in general, I'm constantly reminded of how important it is to share life with a sister (or two), in faith. It wasn't until college, when I realized I needed and sought older sisters in my life to keep me accountable; and it's a constant desire to have faithful older sisters surrounding me who can keep me accountable even at this age and stage of my life. 

In college, it's easy to find older sisters through campus fellowships. Post college is when it gets tough- you really have to be mindful and make the effort to find and build those relationships with the ladies at your local church. Even as a married woman with kid(s), I'm constantly seeking words of wisdom and advice (and rebuke) and the desire to share life with other married women.

There's just something about sharing life with a sister, that you can't get from sharing life with a man (sorry hubs). The emotional connection and mental understanding "clicks" when you find that sister and sometimes, things don't have to be said- it's simply understood. For example, after sharing each of our testimonies, my mentee and I looked at each other dewy eyed and just smiled- beaming with great joy and understanding (of our partnership, perfectly planned by God).  

So, I dedicate this post to all my sisters in faith who share(d) life with me. 
Thank you for your mentorship, your faithfulness, and always serving the Lord. 

soli deo gloria

 my cute (summer) mentee 

my cute (summer) mentee