Rambling Thoughts: A New September Tradition

September is one of my favorite months. It's not just because my birthday is in September but September means a new school year and a new season in the weather. 

Is it just me or did this year completely just fly by? Maybe it's with age. Maybe it's how busy I've been but I feel like it was just May last week. 

September means birthdays in the Kim household. We know about 10 friends who share our birthday month plus both me and Ray's birthday is in September. It's usually a crazy month for us, birthday parties, birthday dinners, and numerous birthday gifts. 

This year, it took a different turn. From the beginning, Ray and I told ourselves, no birthday parties (for us) and no birthday gifts (for us). The result? Burden off. It was somewhat refreshing. It wasn't surrounded by... what do we get each other? What should we do? Should we go out to eat? We did what we did best. Low-key. Nothing. 

We got each other a birthday cake, said happy birthday with just us two and the girls (Riv & Murphy).

With all the birthday and new school year shenanigans, September usually feels jam packed for us but with this new tradition of ours, it was very normal to say the least. We made it a point to stay in and we were able to really enjoy each other's company. Maybe it's something we'll continue for the other years to come?