Dear Jessica

 Happy Birthday, SM! 

Happy Birthday, SM! 

Dear Jessica,

We've been friends for over a decade and I can't imagine what my life would be like without you in it. It sounds very cliche and cheesy (you know me) but it's all so very true. You have seen me at my best and my worst. You have celebrated with me, cursed with me, and suffered with me. It's safe to say that you have been my anchor, my cheerleader, my source of strength and faith, and an all around a true friend. 

Despite the distance, we have managed to grow and nurture our friendship, which made it grow and deepen even more.  We have been able to celebrate each other's graduations, careers, marriages, and childbirths so far and we have so much more to celebrate. Our friendship literally means the universe to me. 

Thank you for being you. I know we "upgraded" ourselves from soulmates to ______________ but to be honest, you'll always be my soulmate. You are the girl version of my other half, my human diary, my person, my best friend. I don't like titles (favorite/best) but you know and I know that we are inseparable- til death do us part! Love you! 

Happiest Birthday to you, Jessica. May this year continue to be filled with blessings and adventures that will open up new chapters in your life, growing in experience and wisdom. 

Love- Jules

PS: Please take this as non-lesbian as possible. Obviously, Han and Ray are our #1 soulMATES, our other halves and our best friends... hence, you = "girl" version.