Friday Favorites - Jess Edition

Happy Friday Everyone!

Few things I've been enjoying in this sweltering heat this week:

1. Staying indoors. I'm done with summer. Where is fall! I am ready for sweater weather!

2. While staying indoors, Ray and I have been enjoying The Night Of. This show is addicting! We haven't finished the season yet but... did he do it?! Did he not?! 

3. Ouai Wave Spray. This stuff is great. I've been too lazy to do anything with my hair. Call it the heat or my pregnancy but the lethargic side of me is at about 110%. I generously spritz this thing in my damp and non-voluminous hair and once my hair dries there's some grit to it. I get some wave and bounce in there so that I don't have to be completely embarrassed by my air dried hair.