Stronger Than Ever

It's been a long night, mama. The winter cold is really messing up your family's routine. Your first child just recovered from the nasty cold and ear infection. Your second child, not to mention she's only 3 months, is going on day 5 (+5) of being sick. You thought it'd be over by now but no, the nighttime cough doesn't seem to go away and the congestion is only getting worse. Great

Kids are a handful when they're sick. They demand your attention left and right. You took two days off work last week so that you can stay home with the toddler. You enjoyed cuddling and giving her extra TLC but what happened from doing all that? Yup- you're starting to feel it. Now, you're the one with the itchy throat and body aches.

But guess what, there's no sick days for mamas. You have to power through. You're already waking up at 4am to PPP (pump, plan the day, pack lunches) so sleep time is non-negotiable. You down tea after tea, coffee after coffee. You work just as hard to keep the family's spirit and well being healthy. And then you know what happens? Call it Jesus fuel, mama mantra, caffeine jolt...
You're "okay". Your symptoms don't get any worse. Before, you knew that itchy throat and body aches were just the beginning of what's to come. Now, that is it. It's just itchy throat and body aches. They're temporary. They come and go. Why is that?? 

Mamas, you are stronger than ever. Giving birth has definitely changed your body. Your body may not look the same as it did pre baby. But it's gone through A LOT for you and the baby (babies). It knows that as the mama bear, you can't be out of commission. It knows that you're going to keep going to be there for your family, no matter what. Mother's sacrifice is so downplayed but that's what makes us stronger than ever. Because no matter what, you'd do anything for your family. You are stronger than ever.