River's Room Makeover


Jessica here! It has been months since my last post (I think). Things have been busy on my end... I'm officially 34 weeks pregnant and while our nursery for the new baby arriving in March isn't ready, 20 months later, River's room is finally almost complete! 

I say almost because, Ray still hasn't finished painting her closet from before she was born. Very typical of us it seems. 

Let's get to it. Here's a before and after of Riv's room:

The only huge change to her room is the bed frame and the polka dot decals on the wall. It really made her room look extra spunky and fun which she loves. Not to mention, we think the color scheme and little decor really complements her personality. 

We actually ended up putting an actual full size mattress in there for Riv and removed her memory foam topper in total. We were scared she would roll off of the mattress in the middle of the night but instead, she's proved that she's an acrobat instead. We usually find her feet up against the wall instead. 

Overall, we're pleased with the way it turned out... 1 year later. Riv finally gets a fun bedroom that she's excited about. 

- The comforter and pillow cases are from pillowfort at target. 
- Polka wall decals are from amazon.
- Dreamcatcher from The Dream Barn. I bought this in 2015 and the same exact one isn't available but similar ones here
- Deer string lights from target. I can't find these anymore because I purchased them during Christmas time in 2015. 
- House bed from sweetHOMEfromwood
- Drawers and curtain from ikea.