DIY Bumper Bed/Mat

I never realized how "Korean" I was until I had a baby and wanted baby items from Korea more than the western culture baby items. A prime example of this is the Bumper Bed/Mat. I'm not sure if this is just some web-based calculation/trick that Instagram/Facebook came up with and decided to market to me, but I've been seeing these even on Facebook mommy groups and I'd be a tad bit jealous of those moms who have one at home for their little ones... Have you seen them before?

Everything I see and read about that thing is awesome! The mat is 3.5ft x ~5ft and it has 16inch cotton bumpers on all 4 sides. All the parts are washable and removable and it's spacious enough for an adult to lay in there with the baby. The only con about it is the price tag- $329.99 (but free shipping!)

A friend of mine actually has one and likes it a lot, raving the material and the plushness of the bumpers. However, she actually "up-ed" it by saying the bumpers on this mat aren't as tall/sturdy as the ones straight from Korea. So I continued my search and came across this one! 

This is from LOLBaby ( Can you tell the difference in the bumper height? The bed also comes in two different sizes and you can choose between microfiber and cotton. If you thought creamhaus mat was pricey, you might want to look away for this bed's price tag- a heaping $489 (for the cheapest medium size). YIKES. *sigh

So I fought back my jealousy and looked the other way. I scrolled fast every time Instagram/Facebook strategically placed these ads on my pages. But the feelings were undeniable- I WANTED ONE. 

Once I brought up my reasons (the PROs) in wanting one to the husband, he agreed and let me get one. However, once he saw the price tag (the only CON), he gave me that look- the "you've got to be kidding me" look. I couldn't look away and I couldn't disagree with him. So there I was, completely bummed out that we couldn't get one for the girls. Then, that's where my genius husband devised a plan. 

He came up with this creative DIY project and I couldn't be more proud of. Not only does unniegirl (Halie) not use her Minnie Mouse bed anymore, but she also stopped playing with the Step 2 Woodlands slide that she got for her 2nd birthday from the grandparents (yes, the outdoor slide that we had indoors, in our living room). It was perfect! We took the slide apart, deconstructed part of the bed, took some unused pillows out of the storage, and voila!- our own bumper bed/mat! (Sorry, no before pictures.)


As you can tell, we removed one side of the bed, took the bottom slates off, and used our extra pillows (memory foam body pillow, king size pillows, and cushions) to use as our "removable" bumpers. The nice thing about using unniegirls' old bed frame is that it's light and movable, so we can "expand" the play area freely. Also, with all those pillows in there, each family member has been taking turns just hanging out in there, even laying down at times! 

Yay to upcycling unniegirl's bed! DIY FTW.