Church & Community

Happy last day of June, everyone! How does time go by so fast? Oh, I know… it’s because you’re a mom and nothing seems to stop the time to even enjoy the two kids... Both Jess and I have been trying our best to enjoy the first year as mom to two so please forgive us for not blogging as frequently as we have been in the past. With that said, stay tuned because we have some exciting news coming soon!  

Today's post is a special one. It's not necessarily a "Life Lately..." post or a "Friday Favorite". It's more of a "Spirit-filled Sunday" post but not occurring on a Sunday.. haha. It's about two things that are very important to me... church and community. So, this post may or may not come as a surprise to you but I wanted to officially announce and share that our family’s last Sunday at Gospel Life Mission Church is July 9th. If this news came as a surprise to you, I apologize. I also apologize if you’ve been hearing from others that we have “officially” left GLMC already- our previous last Sunday didn’t happen because I was sick… and then we were out of town.. so on. So yes, to clear all confusion, gain closure, and to part in a healthy way- we will be at church one last time on July 9th.

Exactly a year ago, I blogged about my personal spiritual health and walk on our very first “Spirit Filled Sunday” post. I shared how much The Gospel Coalition conference revived my heart and convicted me to hope fully in the Lord.. and although it has been a very fruitful year spiritually personally, it was also a year where we as a family really evaluated the condition of our family’s spiritual health, heart, and community. This past year, Han and I reassessed and prioritized our family’s spiritual health and noticed how much it’s been hurting and aching… a lot. As much as we thought we could fix it by serving and trying our best to stay in the church community, it was merely an alcohol swab being applied over an open wound. We’ve longed to be in the community but due to the commute (ranging from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on traffic), it’s been so very difficult. We thought serving and being in the community to our best ability will fix it but the swab just stung and the wound never healed… Especially with Janie joining the family, we sought family and God more than anything- we clenched on to the meaning of community and really centering ourselves in the Lord. Doing so, we were convinced and believe that our family’s health has been hurting and aching and noticed how much we needed God in our lives on a daily basis. 

We love GLMC. We love the sermons and the members. We love how gospel centered and missions oriented the church is. We knew that this church would be the one to cultivate our marriage and be a strong foundation for us. However, as our family grew and our career kept us more permanent in LA, GLMC simply couldn’t offer that daily basis community and we couldn’t put that expectation over a church that was in another county, with over 200 members, and numerous ministries in place and action. We waited patiently for the past five years for community growth in LA but it wasn’t flourishing as it was in Orange County and other life stages. However, the church was growing and the church was ministering in other ways and we were grateful and joyous over that. It was exciting to see the number of members double in a span of five years. Church moved to a bigger location. Multiple mission teams were sent out. Couples were getting engaged, married, and starting families. Church is currently in the process of training the first group of deacons. How exciting is all this? We feel and know that GLMC is a great church- a church we can vouch for in a heartbeat- for anyone looking for a church. It’s a great church for collegians, young adults, singles, and married couples. We cherish GLMC and the members. Yet, for our family, we were constantly thirsty for our family’s growth within the church community and it wasn’t happening.

So, this is where our family’s heart is. It is beyond a want and now a need. We need a church community that can cultivate all of our hearts, without the commute. Letting go is never easy- especially when you love and cherish something so deeply. And saying goodbye isn’t any easier. But you know what? It doesn’t hurt too much because we as a family feel that this is the right thing to do for our spirit- hence, being "spirit filled" with our decision. I hope and pray that you can keep our family in your prayers- to find a church community close by that will cultivate not just the hearts of the parents but also the young hearts that are just learning to know who God is.

Here's to hope(ing) fully in the Lord, in every season.